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AHHH! Life got crazy just after The Grand Blue Mile. A new project at work, trying to keep up my training for Dam to Dam, lots and lots of work… And now it’s half way through July! Damn, where did that time go?!?! I will have a race recap for Dam to Dam…as soon as I purchase the pictures…which will be before the end of July, as my coupon expires on July 31st.

So what’s been new in my little corner of the universe? Well, after Dam to Dam I was on a running hiatus, due to a stress reaction in the sesamoid of my right foot. For those not schooled in the bones of the foot, which I wasn’t until I started injuring them, that’s the ball joint under the big toe. As for a stress reaction? That’s when you’re way too close to a stress fracture, but after having a stress fracture before, you suck it up and stop running until your body heals itself and you avoid hobbling around in a walking cast, aka a boot.

I have only recently started back running. And very conservatively. I was super excited to run 3 miles on Monday with no pain! I also made an impulse purchase of a discounted Newton Kismet when I was in Minneapolis a couple weeks ago. I’m digging them. But they only have about 10 miles on them at the moment. So I will wax poetic about those babies later, when I’m back to a healthier running state.

So what did I do when I wasn’t working or running? Well, I took up gardening. Eh, more like I had to funnel my energy somewhere and the planter boxes in the front yard were way too small for the hostas, so I moved those to a better spot in the side yard and purchased a ton of miniature rose bushes for dirt cheap to put in those newly emptied planter boxes. I also read a few books and listened to my go-to podcasts: Running on Om & Real Talk Radio. I didn’t start the strength training regimen that I really need to start. Though I did find one that will complement my running habit. I just need to start implementing it..yesterday… Joined USATF. Followed the Western States 100 and the Olympic Track & Field Trials. Visited a new running specialty store that opened in the Des Moines area. Applied to be a Volée leader for Oiselle’s Iowa team. Renewed my membership with the Volée. Registered for IMT Des Moines Half Marathon. So I kept myself occupied! Throw in my 15 year high school reunion last weekend and a college friend’s wedding at the end of this month and I am hella ready to get back to my regularly scheduled race training!

As for my application to be a Volée leader?


Nailed it! Can’t wait to start hatching ideas to get the Iowa flock mingling. And I get to do this with an awesome bird from Kansas, Sarah Beth. Go check out her blog here: DirtyRelentless.



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