February Update

As the days of February are quickly ticking away, I’ve been busy! Training for Rock the Parkway has officially started and I’ve had a bit of overtime at job #1. I’m still spotty when it comes to getting my strength training in. However, I have been working on organizing the rambled mess that my blog has been. Thank you WordPress for Blogging 101!

I’ve been tweaking the focus of my blog as well. As this first started out as a diary of sorts, I think the purpose of this endeavor should be more about my experiences as a runner. I’ve evolved quite a bit since lacing back up and I want to share my journey with others. So I’m going to develop my writing skills a bit more, share my expertise in running related products, give a peak into my training and races, being part of a team and active in the running community, and try to be a resource on the trials of being a prediabetic endurance athlete. Wow. I just referred to myself as an athlete. The times are a changing!