January 2016: The Rundown

I wish I could say that the first month of 2016 has been spectacular and that my running and gym goals have been awesome. My running has been ok, when I’ve been able to run. And my gym sessions have been spotty. What put me in such disarray? Work. January of a presidential election year in Iowa means caucus time. Or as I am beginning to refer to it, “every presidential candidate flocks to Iowa and bombards our phones, radio, tv and mail with adverts” time. Working at a print shop put me at several weekends of overtime as everything needed to be out in the mail by January 29th. Throw in the fact that since around Christmas time I’ve been battling illness and then the overtime kicked in, I’ve spent most of January sick or at work and running on fumes. I had a cold turn into possible strep throat then become a sinus infection and then I ran a fever and slept damn near 30 hours over a two day period. I’m finally starting to feel normal after having two days off that weren’t off because I called in sick to work.

So what did I do with my first totally free weekend? I worked on my scrapbook. Something I haven’t had much time to do since Thanksgiving and into early December. Today was nearly 50 degrees outside and I got some much needed rest and recovery time, so I ventured out for a run and ran a slightly different route on the bike trail near my house. I only ended up going 3ish miles. But it felt good to get out in the sunshine and just get some miles under my feet as it had been over a week since I’ve had time and energy to run. I ended January with a grand total of 38 miles run or walked. Not quite where I hoped to be in my running training, but at least I’m…healthy? Well, not injured. So that’s an improvement from last year at this time. I’ll call that a win.

I’m heading into the second week of my training cycle for Rock the Parkway. I’m a little behind due to overtime and being sick, so I’m starting to readjust my goal for this half marathon. As of now, a finish time between 2:10 and 2:15 will make me ecstatic. Perhaps Dam to Dam will be my 2 hour half marathon finish goal. If not, I am doing Red, White and Boom in July. I should be on track by then to smash my half marathon PR by then. It’s kinda weird how my first half marathon is still my fastest half marathon. I think 3 years is long enough for that PR to stand.