Goodbye 2015!


As it is the start of a fresh new year, I’m going to reflect on all that has been 2015. This year my running has improved greatly and I tackled a whole host of new challenges. I made new friends. I started to believe in myself as a runner and a whole host of doors opened.

When 2015 started, I was doing physical therapy on my right foot as the ball of it was cranky and let me know it every time I ran. Sometimes it still acts up, but after learning how to KT tape my foot, rest and replace my running shoes in a very timely manner, I am no longer constantly dealing with a cranky foot.

In March, I met Sara at the Capital Striders’ dinner and also won the door prize of 8 weeks of online coaching from her coach. In April, the Striders’ track workouts began and Sara was the CS board member that helped organize the group. After a couple of weeks, Heidi and Megan invited me to join the women’s group run at Fleet Feet on Thursday evenings. From then on, we started building our little running flock.

At the end of July, Sara and I both made it onto the Oiselle Volee team. The scores of support from fierce, strong women has definitely had a great influence on me. I now believe that I am capable of doing some pretty amazing things. Plus, I have done some pretty kick ass things through the encouragement and support of my friends and family.

Through speed work, I was able to set a ton of PRs in my races. The only distance where I didn’t PR was the half marathon. However, in my half marathon, I did improve upon the time of the prior race at that distance. Given that I was coming back from injuries due to inconsistent training at that distance, I’m not disappointed in my performance in those races.

I finally broke the 30 minute mark for a 5k! I was hovering around 31 minutes of 30 minutes and some change for the past year and finally with Megan pacing me, I finally achieved a sub 30 minute 5k PR! I would go on to smash that 5k PR after my first marathon by 40 seconds. My 10k PR was achieved at the Clive Running Fest where I knocked 30 seconds off the previous PR. I ran the Grand Blue Mile for the first time, which was an automatic PR in 8:46. I smashed my previous 10 mile PR at Capital Pursuit by 11 minutes! And in October I completed my very first marathon. Completion was my primary goal, finishing around 5 hours was my secondary goal. I finished in 5:05:10, so I wasn’t in the least bit disappointed with my accomplishment.

2015 was one hell of a year for me and my running. I struggled with managing my depression and prediabetes. I know that I need to work on strength training and my core besides just running and speed work. I’ve also started throwing in some yoga to help with rest and recovery. I look forward to a kick ass 2016!