Oh my! I’ve got news!


Last week I received an email welcoming me to the Nuun family! YAY! I kinda forgot that I’d applied to be a brand ambassador when they called for new submissions in late October. So woo who!

I first tried Nuun when I started working at the Running Room a couple of years ago. I’d heard of the brand through my favorite elite runner, Kara Goucher. She’d been using it for years, but when she left Nike and signed with Oiselle, she became a more visible face for Nuun.

So why do I love Nuun so much to become a representative of the brand? It’s simple. Other sports drinks are chock full of sugar that wreak havoc on my body due to my prediabetes. Plus, a lot of them upset my stomach and make long distance running hellish. And the flavors taste great. Nuun has so many different flavors and products. I am fond of Nuun All Day, Energy and Active. I haven’t completely kicked my soda habit, but by substituting in Nuun during my work day, I’ve cut back on my soda consumption by quite a bit. And, I am definitely well hydrated!