I am five days away from my 33rd birthday. Six days away from running my first marathon. My tapering has been a weird mix of excitement, anticipation, fear and feeling generally unsettled. Today’s three mile run was ok, but my legs definitely felt like tree trunks. Saturday’s six mile run was a lot better. I tackled the south of Grand hills one last time before race morning. It’s pretty cool seeing all the signs up for the closed marathon course.

Last week I had an allergy test done and have discovered that I’m mildly allergic to a lot of things, including: cats and dogs, three of the four pollens in Iowa, both kinds of dust mites, beef, milk and tomatoes. I go in and discuss my treatment options with the specialist tomorrow. I’m a little nervous about that as I would like to have a day where I’m not stuffy and cloggy, but the idea of having to get two shots once a week for three years or more sounds…not fun and expensive. I will know more tomorrow.

I just need to keep reminding myself that I’m ready for the marathon. I have put the miles in. I need to trust my training. I have started hydrating like a mo fo today as the morning is forecasted in the low 50s but has a high in the upper 60s. That is stupid hot for a fall marathon is all I’m saying. But then again, last year was similar for the half marathon. Only this year I am better prepared, trained, hydrated and running for Oiselle. Head up, wings out!

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  1. I have allergies to cats, dogs, dust mites, mold, trees, grass, feathers (birds)… Seems like pretty much everything. Thankfully no food allergies beyond vinegar though but that’s in almost everything so I’m just careful to eat things with less of it. Hope your marathon goes well and you find a good treatment for your allergies!


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