Race Recap: Capital Pursuit 10 mile

Last Sunday was Capital Pursuit! It is one of my favorite Capital Striders’ race. Plus, there really aren’t very many 10 mile road races. The race is planned to fall as a great tune up race for IMT Des Moines Marathon or Half Marathon. This year the weather was beautiful. It was perfect race conditions and I was definitely in the zone. I ran the first mile and a bit with Heidi and surprised myself that I kept up with her 9:30 pace for that long! My pace goal for the race was between 10:30 and 10:45. I wanted to knock 5 minutes off of last year’s finish time which was 1:51:01. So as I looked down and saw my pace was 9:30, I knew I had gone out too fast and dropped my pace down to about 10:00. I think I’ve finally got my fueling down for the marathon, as I had a gu packet every 4 miles and I didn’t bonk at all during the race. I finished in 1:40:38, a PR of 10:23! All this marathon training and speed work is paying off!

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