Race Recap: Run & Ride Valley Fair

Last weekend, Jo and I ventured up to Minneapolis to see Alex and run a race that included entry into Valley Fair afterward. I have heard lots of people comment that the courses for the various Disney races spend very little time in the park and the rest of the course is very boring. The Run & Ride race wasn’t much different. The course started out in the parking lot and then we zigged and zagged through the park then we went down the bike trail that runs along the road by the park. Then there was a sort of historic pioneer settlement display town we ran through and then we were back on the bike trail with a short jaunt back into the park and through the finish.

The weather didn’t exactly cooperate. At first it was just sprinkles here and there. Around mile 3 it started a heavy rain, but that lightened up for a bit and sprinkled some more. I was done with my race when it went into a huge downpour with lots of wind. However, Alex was just getting ready to finish the half marathon and she got drenched!

Overall, I had fun, despite the rain. I finished my 10k in 1:06:23, which wasn’t bad considering the weather conditions. Plus, I was going on spotty sleep from crashing in an unfamiliar place on an air mattress one night and the floor the next.

Posing with Snoopy!