May Day!

Goodness! I’ve been completely ignoring my blog! I wish I could say that my 90 Day Transformation has been going well…but it hasn’t. Though I am eating better, mainly as a result of moving in with Kyle, I haven’t really kicked my muffin top. A big part of this is likely due to training for Dam to Dam, which is a half marathon. But as a positive, I haven’t gained any weight with the increase in mileage and training.

So I ran Red Flannel, the course was a bit short as it was a new route. No biggie, as it’s just a way to check in where I’m at come the beginning of the year. I attended the Annual Dinner for The Capital Striders in March. Always a good time and this year I actually won a door prize! I won 8 weeks of online coaching with The Body Project. I started this at the beginning of April and it will go to Dam to Dam. I’m debating if I want to continue with the online coaching after Dam to Dam or do actual in person coaching. I’m still debating at this point.

As for my race calender: I missed Loop the Lake as the weather was icky on race day, and I was super tired. But I still got the miles in that weekend. I just finished up with all the racing activities during the Drake Relays. I did my first some what competitive mile since high school. I finished in 8:46. My goal was to be under 10 minutes. Pals from the track workouts with the Striders were telling me that I’d be under 9 minutes. They were right and the track work is definitely working at making me faster! Last Sunday I did the HyVee 10k. I finished that baby in 1:05:28 and only walking through the water stops! I am feeling pretty good about that as it is my second fastest 10k time and only 40 seconds slower than my PR. I am betting that will fall when I do the Run & Ride 10k at Valley Fare on May 17th with Alex and Jo. Well, Alex is doing the half marathon, but Jo is doing the 10k. I got a free entry into a 5k at Water Works Park tomorrow morning, just need to figure out when to get my extra mile in for the 4 miles I have on my schedule. Obviously Dam to Dam is my goal now, on May 30th. I am still debating if I’m going to do Clive Running Festival, either the 5k or the 10k, as I will be sort of starting into training for the Des Moines Marathon. Plus, I will be adding in swimming and cycling as I have also registered for the Des Moines Sprint Triathlon on September 6th. Decisions, decisions.

Oh yeah, Kyle bought me the road bike I had scoped out last fall at the Bike World Warehouse sale. I’ve not been on the bike much in April, but I did get a few rides in during March. Cycling has been a great way to scope out the trails near our place. Now I just need to get my ass to the gym to swim regularly.

As for my training runs, I now have three groups that I plan on joining when I am available. Monday nights with the Striders beginner group. Wednesday night for track work with the Striders. Thursday night with Fleet Feet’s Women on the Go group. I’ll likely start running with the Saturday morning Striders group when they move over to Gray’s Lake/Water Works Park in June. I have also requested to only work Sundays at the Running Room to accommodate my crazy training schedule. So far for June, I have every Sunday and one Monday evening. I can live with that.


Finishing my recent 10k. I do like the difference between gun time and chip time!

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  1. Sounds like you are on the right path! Great job on your race!


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